Powertube – Australian Tour

Powertube Logo

“The leading name in the field of High Frequency-TENS-Therapy-Techniques”

Used by integrative practitioners, dentists and doctors around the globe for pain relief, infection, cleansing of the body and optimising general health.
Great for home use.


Free Initial Session

Inner Glow Health Products are pleased to offer a complimentary initial Powertube session when you visit our showroom. Please phone 07 5449 0600. Bookings essential.

 Powertube Australian Tour

Don’t miss
as he presents his latest research from Europe on the Powertube
at these FREE seminars.

 Sydney, Saturday 26th July
Bowral, Monday 28th July
Canberra, Tuesday 29th July
Gold Coast, Thursday 31st July

NEXUS Conference Sat 2nd – Mon 4th August
(Visit Inner Glow’s stand at no charge.  Speaking event requires a paid ticket)
Townsville, Wednesday 6th August
Melbourne, Saturday 9th August
Adelaide, Sunday 10th August
Perth, Tuesday 12th August

Don’t Miss Out!!  Book on-line by visiting http://www.powertube.whitelighten.com.au/

About the Powertube

Powertube is the brainchild of Swiss Engineer and Inventor Martin Frischknecht, who has revolutionised the whole concept of healing by working with frequencies.

Unlike other devices such as Zappers which are designed to destroy viruses in the body, the Powertube homogenises the molecular cell structure of blood via 3 frequencies. This improves the internal environment, therefore reinforcing the immune system so the body is able to fight against morbid bacteria, viruses etc, and assist with improved overall health and energy levels.

The PowerTube can be used directly through skin contact on local areas, for shorter and continuous treatment times, which can be as low as 3 minutes.

The PowerTube’s use of 3 frequencies results in the rebalancing of the body creating wellness and homogenisation of the molecular structure of blood which strongly enhances the human body’s ability to heal itself as show below:

cell diagram

Powertube Features:

~ Advanced TENS therapy device
~ For pain treatment
~ Treatment in 3 – 21 minutes
~ Fully automated program runs in 3 steps
~ AC voltage, so no metal ions enter the body
~ Stable output voltages and frequencies
~ 9-Volt Battery for independent operation
~ LED indicators for treatment times and therapeutic steps

About the Inventor


Martin Frischknecht began to experiment with electrical engineering and frequencies at a very early age, before going on to receive his Diploma in Electrical Engineering 1976.

With his own health challenges including epilepsy and acute rheumatism and with no cure offered in traditional medicine, he was determined to find a cure using natural therapies.

He started to investigate the impact of frequencies to the human organism and by building on the work of Dr. Hulda Clark’s zapper technique he developed his first marketable device “The Fri Zap” in 1998.

Using the Fri Zap he cured himself, and the unexpected and huge success was the start of further experiments and the development of “Quick Zap” in 2000 and the release of his latest and most powerful device the “Powertube” in 2002.

Powertube is a registered Medical Device (Aus. TGA No. 1406560).

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