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Rebounder Lymphasising

bellicon-rebounder-woman-boucingWhy we need to activate and stimulate the lymphatic system.
A healthy lymph system is one of the most important systems in the body in creating wellness. It supports taking nutrition to the cells and taking toxins and waste products away. It is vital for overall health that we support our lymphatic system by stimulating it with movement on a daily basis.

Did you know that there is up to four times more fluid in the lymphatic system than there is blood in the body? The heart pumps the blood, but what pumps the lymphatic fluid? The answer is movement! Lymphasising is a highly recommended movement that opens and shuts all the lymph valves, pumping the lymphatic fluid around the body.

The Lymphatic System is your body’s internal filtration system for all your cellular waste. It helps your body eliminate toxins, cancer cells, waste, trapped proteins, bacteria, viruses, and other waste that cells cast off. By Lymphasising regularly you are not only energizing the cell, therefore helping the cell structure, but you are also assisting the cells to release these acidic and toxic waste products. Without it, your cells, tissues and organs would become overloaded with toxins.

The lymphatic system also works with the circulatory system to deliver nutrients, oxygen, and hormones from the blood to the cells that make up the tissues of the body.

An unhealthy lymph system can lead to a wide range of health issues including a suppressed immune system, the body is in Dis………Ease!


About Lymphasising

Before you begin Lymphasising, we highly recommended that you drink up to 2 glasses of warm water. This creates movement of fluid around the body to get the lymphatic system moving.

The goal of Lymphasising is to open and shut the lymph valves. This is done by placing your bare feet on the center of the mat approximately 10cm apart, facing north, and then with both feet not leaving the mat, you create a bounce. Note: It is important that you do not take your feet off the mat whilst Lymphasising. As you bounce, begin by breathing in approximately 20 short breaths through your nose to fill your lungs as much as possible with air, then with about 20+ quick short breaths out through your mouth, to empty the lungs as much as possible, continuing this process as you bounce. This creates a vortex of energy, and the static electricity is reduced to safer levels; also the induced vibrational energy will assist with your cellular self-transformation. It is best to begin with 5 – 10 minutes first thing in the morning, and then you can lengthen the time as needed. Some may prefer to Lymphasise before going to bed.

Lymphasising will increase and balance the body cell’s level of oxygen. Oxygen actually is the vital life force needed in the activation and synergy involved within the cell’s Sodium Potassium pumps. The approach removes most or nearly all of the innate stresses involved (except “doing it”) without any risk of contra-reactions including tiring and hyperventilation. When the cell’s blood oxygen levels are optimal, cellular self-healing and rejuvenation can be accelerated much faster and safer.

The breathing also raises the lung capacity, so that with each clearing level, your normal breathing range will be steadily increased. The ability of the lungs to uptake oxygen, while the rest steps result in increased removal of the cells waste gasses. Now the whole respiratory system, plus the other 13 body systems can also be enhanced, by working at a cellular level.

The obvious results of balanced Lymphasiser breathing can be felt for many hours after this total approach designed to restore the body’s life force. Systematically the depth of each breath in will be an increase of lung capacity; this also allows your breathing rate to be slowed for improved oxygen uptake.
While Lymphasising breathing, the pulsing action will help to clear sinuses, ear, nose and throat passageways, resulting in easier breathing and a clearer head. Especially for people who have a history of breathing ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysemas etc.

The overall goal is to get the full range of the diaphragm, our body’s most important muscle restored. This will result in the full expansion and contraction of the upper, middle and lower lungs within the rib cage.

This basic key will release and activate the Spine’s relative vertebrae, which in turn activates the Cerebral Spinal Fluid utilised by the Sacral-Cranial pump. The Sacrum is the body’s most important bone, as its purpose is the bringing of nutrients to the Craniums and removing toxins and cellular wastes from the Central Nervous System.


Why a Bellicon Rebounder?

The Bellicon’s highly flexible, special suspension makes it so much more than just a “mini trampoline”, and it is far superior to any other devices which have steel suspensions providing only slight cushioning when bouncing.


The Bellicon, with its patented bungee rope ring suspension, allows you to bounce deeply into the mat. The deceleration phase – the real exercise stage on a trampoline – is therefore clearly longer and you are actually catapulted back upwards again. This is why the Bellicon is not only so effective but also so much fun.

Exercising on the Bellicon is very gentle as ligaments and joints are exercised without the risk of being overstressed or jarred, and metabolism and circulation are gently activated. This training is highly effective as all the cells and muscles in your body join in, meaning the whole cell structure is relaxed during the upwards movement, and effectively exerted whilst slowing down and braking.

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